900 South Pine Street
Spartanburg, SC 29302
First Steps

“The Spartanburg Academic Movement (SAM) is a deep believer in the work of Quality Counts.
It is the launch pad for the transformation SAM is pursuing: all children in Spartanburg County educated to the level of their full potential … cradle to career.”

John C. Stockwell, PhD, Executive Director, Spartanburg Academic Movement


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Dorchester County First Steps

Website: www.dorchesterfirststeps.org
Phone: 843.878.3507

Greenville County First Steps

Website: www.greenvillefirststeps.org
Phone: 864.239.3270

Institute for Child Success

Website: www.instituteforchildsuccess.org
Phone: 864.382.3329

Mary Black Foundation

Website: www.maryblackfoundation.org
Phone: 864.573.9500

Middle Tyger Community Center

Website: www.middletyger.org
Phone: 864.439.7760

Spartanburg Academic Movement

Website: www.learnwithsam.org
Phone: 864.580.2673

Spartanburg Chamber of Commerce

Website: www.spartanburgchamber.com
Phone: 864.594.5000

Spartanburg School District One

Website: www.spartanburg1.k12.sc.us
Phone: 864.472.2846

Spartanburg School District Two

Website: www.spartanburg2.k12.sc.us
Phone: 864.578.0128

Spartanburg School District Three

Website: www.spartanburg3.org
Phone: 864.279.6000

Spartanburg School District Four

Website: www.spartanburg4.org
Phone: 864.476.3186

Spartanburg School District Five

Website: www.spart5.net
Phone: 864.949.2350

Spartanburg School District Six

Website: www.spartanburg6.k12.sc.us
Phone: 864.576.4212

Spartanburg School District Seven

Website: www.spartanburg7.org
Phone: 864.594.4400

Spartanburg County Foundation

Website: www.spcf.org
Phone: 864.582.0138

Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System

Website: www.spartanburgregional.com
Phone: 864.560.6000

United Way of the Piedmont

Website: www.uwpiedmont.org
Phone: 864.582.7556